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Demonstration Wave Machine Module

Demonstration Wave Machine Module

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  • Single module for the Demonstration Wave Machine
  • 73 steel pendulum bars display transverse waves
  • Pendulum ends highlighted with contrasting colours
  • Retaining clamp and damping mechanism included
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Demonstration Wave Machine Single Module

The Demonstration Wave Machine Single Module allows for easily visible demonstrations that show the behaviour and properties of transverse waves.

The motion of the wave is demonstrated by a chain of 73 steel pendulum bars, each soldered at their mid-point along a rod spring that can be subjected to torsion. The ends of the bars are painted on one side in fluorescent paint and on the other side with white paint.  A damping mechanism is also supplied and a retaining clamp on a stem for demonstrating reflections at a fixed end. The machine is mounted on a foldable steel base.

Experimental Topics

  • Propagation of a moving wave
  • Wavelength, frequency and phase velocity
  • Reflection of waves at fixed or moving ends
  • Standing waves and resonance in the case of fixed or moving ends
  • Constructive and destructive reinforcement of waves
  • Propagation and speed of communication for a disturbance of equilibrium
  • Reflection of a disturbance of equilibrium at fixed or moving ends
  • Damping of moving waves


  • Number of bars: 73
  • Length of bars: 460mm
  • Total length: 920mm

Further Equipment

  • P1003491 Demonstration Wave Machine Complete Set 
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