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Erler-Zimmer Artery Cross Section Anatomy Model

Erler-Zimmer Artery Cross Section Anatomy Model

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  • Cross section anatomy model of an artery
  • Suitable for training and study purposes
  • Depicts the impact of plaque absorption
  • Supplied on a base for ease-of-display
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Brand:  Erler-Zimmer

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Erler-Zimmer Artery Cross Section Anatomy Model

The Erler-Zimmer Artery Cross Section Anatomy Model is a detailed and high-quality educational tool, ideal for developing a comprehensive understanding of the impact of plaque build-up in the arteries. The longitudinal cross section of this model offers a look inside the artery, while the supplied base makes this model easy to display in a range of settings. With this model, you will also get access to the Augmented Anatomy app.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Cross-Sectional Arteries Model (Base Mounted)

What Is the Purpose Of This Artery Model?

The Erler-Zimmer Artery Model functions as a high-quality teaching and study tool for anatomy, biology, and medical studies. This model is the perfect choice to enhance textbook studies with a visual and interactive aid. This handy model is also a great choice for patient education in a range of clinical settings, or display in healthcare clinics and classroom environments.

Who Can Benefit From Using This Cross-Section Anatomy Model?

Those who may benefit most from use of this model include trainee healthcare personnel, and those who may need to discuss relevant medical and health issues with patients. This includes:

  • Doctors and Nurses
  • General Practitioners
  • Anatomists and Physiologists
  • Medical Sales Representatives

Key Features and Benefits

  • Longitudinal cross-section artery anatomy model
  • Ideal for teaching and study purposes
  • Depicts a constriction caused by plaque absorption
  • Four cross-sections show step-by-step plaque build-up
  • Mounted on a base for ease-of-display
  • Use with the Augmented Anatomy app for access to digital nomenclature for on-the-go study

Augmented Anatomy App

The Augmented Anatomy app is a convenient tool for training and study on-the-go. While this quality anatomy model could be easily transported, it can be difficult to carry around if you're planning to travel frequently. With the Augmented Anatomy app, you'll have access to a digitalised nomenclature of the model wherever you are!

The app is designed to identify models and display a virtual version, and works for a wide range of Erler-Zimmer anatomy models. The app is completely free, works on all common devices including smartphones and tablets, doesn't require registration, and includes web links in its library that can help to enhance your studies.

To discover more about how the Augmented Anatomy app functions, see the below video:

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14 x 18 x 13cm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
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