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Erler-Zimmer EZ Wounds Basic Casualty Simulation Kit

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  • Basic wound-care training kit
  • Ideal for trainee medical personnel and first-aiders
  • For training on wound-cleaning and bandaging techniques
  • Re-usable and highly realistic design
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Brand:  Erler Zimmer

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Erler-Zimmer EZ Wounds Basic Casualty Simulation Kit

For effective wound-care practise and first aid training, the Erler-Zimmer EZ Wounds Basic Casualty Simulation Kit is a top solution. With a range of re-usable and realistic wound moulds, this kit can be used to deliver or undertake effective training in cleaning, bandaging, and managing mild to moderately severe wounds. For trainee paramedics, doctors, nurses. and emergency responders, this kit is an ideal training tool.

What's Included?

  • 4 x Wound Moulds:
    • 1 x Cut Mould
    • 1 x Superficial Laceration Mould
    • 1 x Deeper Laceration Mould
    • 1 x Abrasion Mould
  • 1 x Wound Compound
  • 1 x Flesh Compound
  • 1 x Fixation Powder
  • 1 x Bottle of Artificial Blood
  • 1 x Isopropanol
  • 1 x Spatula For Application of Compounds
  • Cotton Swabs For Application of Blood

What Is the Purpose Of This Casualty Simulation Kit?

The EZ Wounds Basic Casualty Simulation Kit is designed to teach first-aid techniques for dealing with mild to moderately severe wounds. Included in this kit are a range of fake cuts and an abrasion, allowing practise of essential processes including cleaning, bandaging, and examining wounds.

Who Can Benefit From Use Of This Wound Simulation Kit?

Those who may benefit the most from use of this wound simulation kit are those who need to gain a comprehensive understanding of first aid processes and techniques, including a wide range of medical personnel. This includes:

  • First Aiders
  • Emergency Responders (including ambulance drivers, and firefighters)
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Paramedics

This set can also be useful for special effect makeup artists for creating realistic-looking wounds.

Can The Wounds In This Kit Be Re-Used?

The moulds supplied with this kit can be repeatedly filled with wound simulation compound, allowing the kit to be used over and over for training on managing and treating the same wounds.

How Do You Use This Casualty Simulation Kit?

Rather than being supplied with already-formed artificial wounds, this kit is supplied with four moulds which can be used, alongside the wound and flesh compound, to create multiple fake wounds. These wounds can then be easily applied to the skin. 

Once applied, there are artificial blood and cotton buds provided for applying fake blood to the wound for more realistic and in-depth cleaning and bandaging practise. Users can than demonstrate or learn the proper methods for wound care.

How Realistic Are the Wounds In This Simulator Kit?

The EZ Wounds Kit has been designed for optimal realism, ensuring life-like practise and training scenarios. Once created and applied, the wounds will look incredibly life-like. Included with the kit is a bottle of artificial blood, which can help to enhance the realism of the chosen wound as well as offer more realistic wound-cleaning training and practise. 

artificial wounds applied to the skin

Key Features and Benefits

  • EZ Wounds basic casualty simulation kit
  • Ideal for supporting general first aid training and wound-care training for medical personnel
  • Includes a cut, an abrasion, and two lacerations of varying severity
  • Suitable for use on either human-skin or medical manikins
  • Learn essential skills, including cleaning and bandaging wounds
  • Bottle of artificial blood supplied enhances realism of wounds
  • Wound-moulds can be used repeatedly to make the same wounds over and over
  • Wounds can be dressed and re-dressed for repeated classroom practise
  • Suitable for use by special effects make-up artists
  • Realistic looking wounds for life-like training scenarios

See The Kit In Action!

To see what the wounds can look like when applied, check out the video below:

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