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Kater's Reversible Pendulum

Kater's Reversible Pendulum

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Usually delivered within 10 working days  

Usually delivered within 10 working days

  • Special form of physical pendulum
  • Examines local acceleration due to gravity
  • Low-friction needle bearings
  • Visible results and straightforward to use
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Kater's Reversible Pendulum

The Kater's Reversible Pendulum is a special form of physical pendulum designed to determine the acceleration in response to gravity. The pendulum rod has two fulcras as well as one sliding and one fixed disc to adjust the period of oscillation. The pendulum should swing around both fulcra with the same period of oscillation and is suspended from low-friction need bearings on a  highly stable support. Two adjustment screws and a spirit level ensure the orientation can be adjusted and kept level.

Features of the Kater's Reversible Pendulum

  • Special type of physical pendulum
  • Determines local acceleration due to gravity
  • Two fulcra
  • One sliding disc weight
  • One fixed disc weight
  • Low-friction needle bearings
  • Highly stable support
  • Two adjustment screws and spirit level
  • Mounting plate for light barrier

Technical Specification of the Kater's Reversible Pendulum

  • Height with pendulum: 1.25m
  • Length of pendulum rod: 1.2m
  • Separation of bearing points: 800mm
  • Period of adjusted pendulum: 1794ms when g = 9.81 m/s²
  • Total weight: 6.3kg

Required Equipment for the Kater's Reversible Pendulum

Delivery Information

The Kater's Reversible Pendulum is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

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