Pohl's Torsion Pendulum
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Pohl's Torsion Pendulum

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  • For investigating free, forced and chaotic oscillations
  • Suitable for various degrees of damping
  • Electric motor excites forced oscillations
  • Electromagnetic eddy brake for dampening
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Pohl's Torsion Pendulum

Pohl's Torsion Pendulum is a piece of apparatus for investigating free, forced and chaotic oscillations at various degrees of damping. It features a slotted scale ring and pointers on resonators.

It can also be used for demonstrations involving projections of shadows.

Electric Motor

The pendulum features an electric motor with coarse and fine speed adjustments which is coupled via an eccentric wheel for exciting forced oscillations.

Electromagnetic Eddy Brake

An electromagnetic eddy brake is used for damping the oscillations.

A Range of Experiment Topics

The pendulum enables a range of experiment topics to be covered:

  • Free rotary oscillations at various degrees of damping - oscillations with moderate damping, aperiodic oscillations and aperiodic borderline case
  • Forced oscillations and their resonance curves at various degrees of damping
  • Phase displacement between the exciter and resonator during resonance
  • Chaotic rotary oscillations

Technical Specifications of the Pohl's Torsion Pendulum

The technical specifications of the Pohl's Torsion Pendulum are:

  • Natural frequency (approximate): 0.5Hz
  • Excitation frequency: 0Hz to 1.3Hz
  • Connectors: 4mm safety sockets
  • Motor: 24V AC/DC max - 0.7A max
  • Eddy brake: 0A - 2A, DC - 20V
  • Scale ring: 300mm diameter
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 400mm
    • Width: 140mm
    • Height: 270mm
  • Weight: 4kg

Required Equipment

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