Radioactivity Advanced Student Experiments Kit
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Radioactivity Advanced Student Experiments Kit

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  • Apparatus for 10 student experiments on radioactivity
  • Comes in a tough plastic tray
  • Foam inserts shaped to items for secure storage
  • Includes manuals and experiment guides
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The Radioactivity Advanced Student Experiments Kit contains the apparatus needed to carry out a range of experiments for students on radioactivity. Detailed instructions are included on CD-ROM. The apparatus is stored in a strong plastic tray and are held in place by foam inserts. 

Reduced Desk Space

This radiation kit has been designed to take up as little desk space as possible, which makes it ideal for use on desks with reduced space while still making the experiments clear and easy to perform.

A Range Of Radioactivity Experiments

The full list of experiments possible with this kit is:

  • Determining background radiation
  • Determining pulse rates for various radioactive preparations
  • Statistical distribution of counter pulses
  • Determination of equivalent dose for various radioactive preparations
  • Penetrative capacity and range of radiation
  • Deflection of alpha and beta radiation by a magnetic field *
  • Absorption of alpha rays *
  • Absorption of beta rays *
  • Absorption of gamma rays*
  • Inverse square law

Experiments marked with * require the Radiation Cartridge 226RA 4 kBq.

Please note: for all these experiments, the GAMMASCOUT Geiger Counter is also required. 

Full Contents of the  RADIOACTIVITY Advanced Student Experiments Kit

The full contents of the  Radioactivity Advanced Student Experiments Kit are:

  • 1 x base plate - 340mm x 250mm
  • 3 x work templates
  • 1 x holder for sources and deflecting magnet
  • 1 x deflecting magnet
  • 1 x thorium irradiation module - weld filler wire
  • 2 x aluminium plates - 0.5mm
  • 1 x aluminium plate - 1mm
  • 1 x lead plate - 2mm - in plastic cover

Required Equipment

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