Rotating System on Air Bed
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Rotating System on Air Bed

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  • Apparatus for investigating frictionless rotation
  • Two different voltages available
  • Everything required to measure the rotation
  • Straightforward and easy to use and connect the components

Brand:  3B Scientific

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Rotating System on Air Bed

The Rotating System on Air Bed is an ideal apparatus for investigating frictionless rotation. Weights can be attached to a cross bar, which is supported by a small, rotating disc complete with a protractor scale. The axis of the disc is centred in a bed of air while a driving weight can be suspended using single and multiple pulley systems. The time of rotation can either be monitored using a hand-held stopwatch or a digital timer connected to the starting mechanism supplied with the kit. This timer can be halted by the laser reflection sensor when the wheel passes through zero.

Features of the Rotating System on Air Bed

  • Investigates frictionless rotation
  • Small rotating disc with protractor scale
  • Cross bar to attach weights 
  • Axis of disc centred in an air bed
  • Weight connects to a hook positioned on a string
  • String works with both a single and a multiple pulley to turn the bar
  • Slow rotation
  • Stop watch or digital timer for monitoring

What Does the Rotating System on Air Bed Contain?

  • 1 x Air Bed
  • 1 x Rotating disc with cross-bar
  • 1 x multiple pulley
  • 1 x release mechanism
  • 2 x S-shaped hooks -1g
  • 1 x S-shaped hook - 2g
  • 1 x set of weights (2x 12.5g, 2 x 25g, 2 x 50g)
  • 1 x compressor for connection to mains
  • 1 x silicon tubing with by-pass valve
  • 1 x pulley
  • 1 x stand rod with 3 securing screws and 2 screws for levelling
  • 1 x stand rod with 2 securing screws
  • 1 x levelling disc
  • 1 x roll of thread

Technical Specifications of the Rotating System on Air Bed

  • Protractor scale: 0-360°
  • Scale divisions: 1°
  • Length of cross bar: ca. 440mm
  • Radii of perforations: 30 - 210mm
  • Separation of perforations: 20mm
  • Radii of multiple pulley: 5.0mm/10.0mm/15.0mm
  • Moment of inertia of disc with cross bar: 0.9g m²
  • Maximum moment of inertia: 7.1g m²
  • Minimum driving torque: 0.05mNm
  • Maximum driving torque: 0.60mNm

The Rotating System on Air Bed is available with a 230V power supply.

Compatible Equipment for the Rotating System on Air Bed

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