School Set of Microscope Slides Set B
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School Set of Microscope Slides Set B

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  • Slides for school use
  • The second of 4 sets
  • Student-friendly topics
  • Excellent teaching aid

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School Set of Microscopes Slides Set B

The School Set Of Microscope Slides Set B is the first of 4 slide sets especially curated for use in schools. Featuring 50 slides for subjects including zoology and histology, the slides are a great way for biology lessons to be more engaging.

Slide COntents

  • Zoology and Parasitology: 

    • ​Paramaecium, nuclei stained
    • Euglena, a common flagellate with eyespot
    • Sycon, a marine sponge, t.s. of body
    • Dicrocoelium lanceolatum, sheep liver fluke, w.m.
    • Taenia saginata, tapeworm, proglottids of various ages t.s.
    • Trichinella spiralis, l.s. of skeletal muscle showing encysted larvae
    • Ascaris, roundworm, t.s. of female in region of gonads
    • Araneus, spider, leg with comb w.m.
    • Araneus, spider, spinneret w.m.
    • Apis mellifica, honey bee, mouth parts of worker w.m.
    • Apis mellifica, hind leg of worker with pollen basket w.m.
    • Periplaneta, cockroach, chewing mouth parts w.m.
    • Trachea from insect w.m.
    • Spiracle from insect w.m.
    • Apis mellifica, sting and poison sac w.m.
    • Pieris, butterfly, portion of wing with scales w.m.
    • Asterias rubens, starfish, arm (ray) t.s. showing tube feet, digestive gland, ampullae 
  • Histology of Man and Mammals:
    • ​Fibrous connective tissue of mammal
    • Hyaline cartilage of mammal, t.s.
    • Adipose tissue, stained for fat
    • Smooth (involuntary) muscle l.s. and t.s.
    • Medullated nerve fibres, teased preparation of osmic acid fixed material showing Ranvier’s nodes
    • Frog blood smear, showing nucleated red corpuscles
    • Artery and vein of mammal, t.s.
    • Liver of pig, t.s. showing well developed connective tissue
    • Small intestine of cat, t.s. showing mucous membrane
    • Lung of cat, t.s. showing alveoli, bronchial tubes
  • Cryptogams: 
    • ​Oscillatoria, a common blue green filamentous alga
    • Spirogyra in scalariform conjugation, formation of zygotes
    • Psalliota, mushroom, t.s. of pileus with basidia and spores
    • Morchella, morel, t.s. of fruiting body with asci and spores
    • Marchantia, liverwort, antheridial branch with antheridia l.s.
    • Marchantia, archegonial branch with archegonia l.s.
    • Pteridium, braken fern, rhizome with vascular bundles t.s.
    • Aspidium, t.s. of leaf with sori showing sporangia and spores
  • Phanerogams: 
    • ​Elodea, waterweed, stem apex l.s. showing meristematic tissue and leaf origin
    • Dahlia, t.s. of tuber with inuline crystals
    • Allium cepa, onion, w.m. of dry scale showing calcium oxalate crystals
    • Pyrus, pear, t.s. of fruit showing stone cells
    • Zea mays, corn, typical monocot root t.s.
    • Tilia, lime, woody dicot root t.s.
    • Solanum tuberosum, potato, t.s. of tuber with starch and cork cells
    • Aristolochia, birthwort, one year stem t.s.
    • Aristolochia, older stem t.s. shows secondary rowth
    • Cucurbita, pumpkin, l.s. of stem with sieve tubes, annular and reticulate vessels, sclerenchyme fibres
    • Root tip and root hairs
    • Tulipa, tulip, epidermis of leaf with stomata and guard cells w.m., surface view
    • Iris, typical monocot isobilateral leaf, t.s.
    • Sambucus, elderberry, stem showing lenticells and cork cambium, t.s.
    • Triticum, wheat, grain (seed) sagittal l.s. with embryo and endosperm

School Set Slide Series

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