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School Set of Microscope Slides Set D

School Set of Microscope Slides Set D

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  • Slides for school use
  • The fourth of 4 sets
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School Set of Microscopes Slides Set D

The School Set Of Microscope Slides Set D is the first of 4 slide sets especially curated for use in schools. Featuring 50 slides for subjects including zoology and histology, the slides are a great way for biology lessons to be more engaging.

Slide COntents

  •  Human Biology:

    • Heart muscle, human, t.s. and l.s., branched fibres with central nuclei and intercalated discs
    • Cerebrum, human, t.s. of cortex showing pyramidal cells and fibrous region
    • Human skin from palm, v.s. showing cornified epidermis, germinative zone, sweat glands
  • Zoology
    • ​Ciliated epithelium, in t.s. of fallopian tube of pig
    • Tendon of cow, l.s. showing white fibrous tissue, stained for fibres and cells
    • Lymph gland of pig, t.s. showing lymphoid tissue
    • Esophagus of cat, t.s. with stratified squamous epithelium, muscular layers
    • Stomach of cat, t.s. through fundic region showing gastric glands
    • Large intestine (colon), t.s. special stained for the mucous cells
    • Pancreas of pig, sec. showing islets of Langerhans
    • Thyroid gland of pig, sec. showing glandular epithelium and colloid
    • Adrenal gland of cat, t.s. through cortex and medulla
    • Sperm of bull (spermatozoa), smear
    • Motor nerve cells, smear from spinal cord of cow showing w.m. of motor nerve cells and their processes
    • Distomum hepaticum (Fasciola), the beef liver fluke, w.m. and stained for general study of internal organs
    • Taenia spec., tapeworm, w.m. of mature proglottids
    • Culex pipiens, mosquito, head and piercing- sucking mouth parts of female, w.m.
    • Culex pipiens, mosquito, head and reduced mouth parts of male, w.m. 
    • Cimex lectularius,  bed bug, w.m. of adult specimen
  • Cytology and Genetics:

    • ​Mitochondria, in thin sec. through liver or kidney, special staining technique
    • Golgi apparatus, t.s. through spinal ganglion, special staining
    • Chloroplasts, in leaf of Elodea or Mnium, special
    • Aleurone grains, in sec. of Ricinus endosperm
    • Storage, section of liver or kidney, vital stained with trypan-blue to demonstrate storage in
    • epithelial cells
    • DNA in cell nuclei, demonstrated by Feulgen staining technique
    • DNA and RNA, fixed and stained with methyl green and pyronine to show DNA and RNA in
    • different colors
    • Giant chromosomes from the salivary gland of Chironomus. Individual genes and puffs can be observed
    • Human chromosomes, spread in the stage of metaphase, for counting chromosomes
    • Meiotic and mitotic stages in sec. of crayfish testis. Nuclear spindles are present
    • Maturation divisions in ova of Ascaris megalocephala, different stages, ironhematoxylin stained
    • Cleavage stages in ova of Ascaris megalocephala, ironhematoxylin stained
  • Bacteria and Diseased Organs of Man
    • ​Escherichia coli, bacteria from colon, probably pathogenic, smear Gram stained
    • Eberthella typhi, causing typhoid fever, smear from culture, Gram stained
    • Tuberculous lung, t.s. of diseased human lung showing military tubercles in tissue
    • Coal dust lung (Anthracosis pulmonum), t.s. of human smoker's lung
    • Liver cirrhosis of man caused by alcohol abuse, t.s. showing degeneration of liver cells
    • Arteriosclerosis, t.s. of diseased human coronary artery showing sclerotic changes in the arterial wall
    • Metastatic carcinoma (cancer) of human liver, t.s.
  • Embryology
    • ​Sea-urchin development (Psammechinus miliaris), composite slide with two cell, four cell and eight cell stages
    • Sea-urchin development (Psammechinus miliaris), composite slide with morula, blastula and gastrula stages
    • Frog embryology (Rana spec.), sec. trough the blastula stage showing the blastocoel
    • Frog embryology (Rana spec.), sag. sec. through young larva in the tail bud stage, with primordia of organs
  • Ecology and Environment
    • ​Leaf (needle) of fir (Abies), two t.s. of leaves, healthy and damaged by environmental  influences (acid rain)
    • Leaf of beech (Fagus), two t.s. of leaves, healthy and damaged by environmental influences (acid rain)
    • Bacteria from waste-water, smear with many typical forms 
  • Botany
    • ​Nostoc, blue green alga, filamentous colonies within gelatinous sheaths
    • Desmids (Desmidiaceae), strewn slide of various species
    • Sphagnum, peat moss, w.m. of leaf showing chlorophyll-bearing and hyaline cells.
    • riticum, wheat, t.s. of stem of a gramineous plant with central pith and circular arrangement of bundles
    • Salvia, sage, t.s. of a square stem with angular collenchymaa

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