Student Kit - Acoustics Set
 Student Kit - Acoustics SetStudent Kit - Acoustics Set 
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Student Kit - Acoustics Set

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  • Carry out over 30 student experiments on acoustics
  • Allows independent experiments
  • Foam inserts shaped to items for secure storage
  • Includes instruction sheet
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Student Kit - Acoustics Set

The Student Kit - Acoustics Set contains the apparatus needed to carry out a range of fundamental electricity experiments for lower secondary school. Detailed instructions and manuals for teachers are included. The apparatus is stored in foam inserts for each piece of apparatus to ensure it is stored safely and securely.

Independent Experiments for studnets

This kit has been developed to allow students to independently carry out a range of experiments on acoustics. The concepts of noise, bangs, tone, pitch and loudness can be studied and investigated. These studies can easily lead over to a study of musical notes.

A Range Of Acoustics Experiments

This kit enables students to carry out a range of experiments on acoustics. The full list of experiments possible with this kit is:

  • Noise, bangs, pure tones
  • Vibrating air columns
  • Whistles and pipes
  • Vibrating bars, plates and bells
  • Infra-sound
  • Ultra-sound
  • Tuning fork with plotter pen
  • Travelling waves along a rope
  • Velocity of propagation of sound
  • Moving sources of sound (Doppler effect)
  • Plate vibrations (Chladni figures)
  • Vibrations of a bell
  • Standing waves on a rope, overtones
  • Sounds of musical instruments
  • Representations of oscillations with a tuning fork with plotter pen
  • Timbre of the human voice
  • Measures of wavelengths (Kundt figures)
  • Resonance
  • Helmholtz ball resonators
  • Sound analysis
  • Loudness
  • Pitch of string instruments
  • Pitch of wind instruments
  • Reed pipe
  • C-major scale and its intervals
  • Triads, harmonies
  • Semitones, major and minor

Full Contents of the Student Kit - Acoustics Set

The full contents of the Student Kit - Acoustics Set are:

  • 1 x monochord - with ruler and musical scale
  • 1 x steel string
  • 1 x perlon string
  • 1 x spring balance on support
  • 1 x reed pipe with 8 valves
  • 1 x tuning fork - 440 Hz
  • 1 x light-metal tuning fork - 1700Hz
  • 1 x pipe
  • 1 x variable-length closed air column
  • 1 x tuned open air column
  • 1 x Chladni disk with rod
  • 1 x bell dome
  • 1 x Galton whistle
  • 1 x Kundt pipe with retaining clip
  • 1 x metallophone with beater
  • 1 x rope for demonstrating waves
  • 1 x Helmholtz resonator - 70mm diameter
  • 1 x Helmholtz resonator - 52mm diameter
  • 1 x Helmholtz resonator - 40mm diameter
  • 1 x Helmholtz resonator - 32mm diameter
  • 1 x screw clamp
  • 1 x plastic block
  • 1 x plunger
  • 5g Lycopodium powder in sprinkling cellar
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