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Student Kit - Optics Set

Student Kit - Optics Set

£272.09 exc. 20% VAT(£326.51 Inc. VAT)
  • Carry out 32 student experiments on optics
  • Available in 230V, 50/60Hz and 115V, 50/60Hz versions
  • Foam inserts shaped to items for secure storage
  • Includes manuals and experiment guides
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Student Kit - Optics Set

The Student Kit - Optics Set contains the apparatus needed to carry out a range of basic optics experiments for lower secondary school. Detailed instructions and manuals for teachers and students are included on CD-ROM. The apparatus is stored in a rugged Gratnells tray which includes foam inserts for each piece of apparatus to ensure the apparatus is stored safely and securely.

Available in Multiple Voltages

This kit is available in two different voltages to match your needs. It's available in 230V, 50/60Hz and 115V, 50/60Hz.

Takes up Less Space

The experiments the Student Kit - Optics Set enable you to carry out are designed to take up a minimal amount of desk space - ideal for a range of environments and desk designs.

A Range Of Optics Experiments

This kit enables students to carry out a range of experiments on optics. The full list of experiments possible with this kit is:

  • Propagation of light
  • Light and shadows
  • Reflection at a plane mirror
  • Concave and convex mirrors
  • Refraction of light (2 experiments)
  • Refractive index
  • Optical lenses - paths of rays
  • Focal point of convergent lenses
  • Focal length of convergent lenses
  • Formation of images with converging lenses
  • Laws of image
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Function of the eye
  • Function of spectacles (2 experiments)
  • Principle of a camera
  • Principle of a slide projector
  • Principle of a Galilean telescope
  • Principle of an astronomical telescope
  • Principle of a microscope
  • Breaking down light into its components
  • Mixing of colours

Full Contents of the Student Kit - Optics Set

The full contents of the Student Kit - Optics Set are:

  • 2 x lenses - f = +100mm
  • 1 lens - f = +50mm
  • 1 lens - f = -100mm
  • 1 lens - f = +300mm
  • 1 x diaphragm holder
  • 1 x plug-in power supply unit for optical lights
  • 1 x optical light
  • 1 x overlay mask projector
  • 1 x projection screen/experiment table
  • 1 x optic bench
  • 2 x tea lights
  • 1 x opaque body
  • 1 x single aperture slot
  • 1 x triple aperture slot
  • 1 x colour slide M-Y-C
  • 1 x F diaphragm
  • 1 x flexible mirror
  • 1 x coplanar board
  • 1 x semicircular body
  • 1 x converging lens
  • 1 x diverging lens
  • 1 x right-angled prism
  • 2 x sheets of graph paper - transparent DIN A5
  • 1 x scale
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