Teaching Case of 27 Invertebrates (Invertebrata)
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Teaching Case of 27 Invertebrates (Invertebrata)

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  • Case of 27 natural specimens
  • Contained in clear acrylic
  • Natural colours fully preserved
  • Includes star fish, butterfly and centipede specimens

Brand:  3B Scientific

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Teaching Case of 27 Invertebrates (Invertebrata)

The Teaching Case of 27 Invertebrates (Invertebrata) comprises 27 carefully prepared specimens, each enclosed in a fully transparent acrylic block.  The selected examples were not hunted or trapped in the wild but derive from sustainable sources such as breeding sources or pest control work. Origin and preparation of animals conform to legal stipulations.


  • 27 natural specimens in acrylic to preserve authentic colours
  • Contained in a carry case for easy transport and storage
  • Examples of all surviving sub-species of arthropods (Arthropoda):
    • 21 hexapods (Hexapoda)
    • 2 chelicerata (Chelicerata)
    • 2 crustaceans (Crustacea)
    • 2 myriapod (Myriapoda)
    • 1 example of the echinoderm family (Echinodermata)

Included Specimens

Common Name Scientific Name
Chafer Beetle Anomala Cuprea Hope
Ladybird Synonycha grandis
Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa orientalis 
Praying mantis Hierodula petellifera
Paper Wasp Polistes olivaceus
Asiatic honey bee Apis cerana
Ant Pheidologeton latinodus
Dung Beetle Catharsius molossus Linnaeus)
Rhinoceros Beetles Xylotrupes Gideon
Monarch Butterfly Danaus genutia
Longhorned Beetle Anoplophora chinensis
Cicada Cryptotympana atrata
Shield Bug Eusthennes cupreus
Wespspin Spider Argiope bruennichii
Dragonfly Brochythemis coutaminata
Cricket Teleogryllus emma
Australian Cockroach Periplaneta australasiae
Scorpion Urodaus novaehollandiae
Centipede Scolopendra
Walking Stick Diapheromera femorata
Onion Fly Delia antqua
Chinese White Shrimp Penaeus chinensis
Silkworm Bombyx mandarina
Crab Nectocarcinus intigrifrons
Star Fish Asterias Amurensis
Grasshopper Catantops splendens
Stag beetle Odontolabis cuvera fallaciosa


  • Dimensions: approx. 42 x 33 x 8cm³
  • Weight: approx. 5kg

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