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Torsion Axle
 Torsion AxleTorsion Axle 

Torsion Axle

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  • For investigating rotational oscillation
  • For testing on various bodies
  • Determine inertia from period of oscillation
  • Demonstrates Steiner's theorem
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Torsion Axle

The Torsion Axle is a piece of apparatus for investigating rotational oscillation of various test bodies and for determining moments of inertia from periods of oscillation.

The axle consists of a ball-bearing mounted shaft, high-quality coil spring and a holding lug.

Uses Weights

Tests made with the axle are done using weights, which can be moved along a thin transverse rod. 

Circular Disk

The axle includes a circular disk. This enables moments of inertia for eccentric axes of rotation, as well as being suitable for confirming Steiner's theorem.

A Range of Experiment Topics

The axle enables a range of experiment topics to be covered:

  • Rotary oscillations
  • Determination of moments of inertia using the oscillation method
  • Moments of inertia of various geometric bodies
  • Steiner's theorem

Technical Specifications of the Torsion Axle

The technical specifications of the Torsion Axle are:

  • Deflection torque of the spring: 0.028Nm/rad.
  • Height of the torsionaol axis (approx): 200mm
  • Transverse rod dimensions:
    • Length: 620mm
    • Weight: 135g
    • Weights: 260g each
  • Disk dimensions:
    • Diameter: 320mm
    • Weight: 495g
    • Boreholes: 8
    • Borehole spacing: 20mm

Required Equipment

  • Stand Base Tripod - 185mm
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