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X-Ray Apparatus

X-Ray Apparatus

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  • High vacuum X-ray tube
  • Experiment chamber contained in radiation-proof case
  • High voltage source automatically deactivates if shield is opened
  • Useful for a number of experiment topics
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x-ray apparatus

The X-Ray Apparatus consists of an experiment chamber contained in a closed, radiation-proof housing with a transparent synthetic glass shield.

The product has safety features in place to ensure it is both user-friendly and dependable. As well as the casing being radiation-proof, if the synthetic glass shield is opened, the high-voltage source for the X-ray tube automatically deactivates. Safety features like these are crucial in regard to potential radiation exposure.

The X-Ray Apparatus makes a great addition to any lab, allowing the user to conduct various experiments including those involving fluorescent radiation and Bragg's reflection. 

Features of the x-ray apparatus

  • High vacuum X-ray tube
  • Radiation-proof housing, synthetic glass shield - for your safety
  • High voltage source for X-ray tube automatically deactivates if shield is opened
  • Directly heated tungsten cathode and copper anode
  • Positioned in a borosilicate glass chamber with a thin-walled, concave ray emission window
  • A lead-glass hood with a collimator - causes X-rays to emerge in parallel with the experiment plane and provides a shield against scattered radiation
  • The horizontal counter-tube goniometer consists of a central sample holder and a swiveling arm
  • In the form of a slide tray, this arm serves as a mount for the Geiger-Müller tube, ionisation chamber and also experimental devices in slide formator on a 5 x 5cm base plate
  • The swiveling arm can be rotated manually independently of the sample holder, or at a fixed mutual angle with a ratio of 2:1 - useful in experiments involving Bragg's reflection
  • The device is equipped with angle and millimeter scales, position markings for experimental devices and radiation-proof bushings for cables and hoses
  • Also includes one cable to measure the tube current

Experiment topics

The X-Ray Apparatus can be used to support the following experiment topics:

  • Properties of X-rays: transmission, linear propagation, ionisation, X-ray photography
  • Fluorescent radiation
  • Shielding of X-rays
  • Absorption experiments
  • Distance law
  • Dosimetry and radiation protection
  • Diffraction of X-rays: Laue's recordings, Debye-Scherrer's recordings, Bragg's reflection, Duane-Hunt's displacement law (h-determination)
  • Moseley's law

technical specification

  • Dimensions (X-ray apparatus): approx. 250 x 370mm
  • Dimensions (X-ray tube): approx. 100 x 32mm
  • Weight: approx. 9kg
  • Anode voltage: 20/30kV, switchable and electronically stabilised
  • Emission current: 0 to 80μA, continuously adjustable and electronically stabilised
  • Cathode heating: 4V, 1A
  • Focal spot: 5 x 1mm2
  • Anode material: Cu
  • Lead-glass collimator: radiation emission aperture with 5mm diameter
  • Ray divergence: better than 10° 
  • Characteristic radiation wavelength: Cu -Kα: 154 pm, Cu -Kβ: 138 pm
  • Cable to measure table current: approx. 50cm, 2.5mm jack, 4mm plugs (red/black)

Counter-tube goniometer

  • Swiveling ranges: 0°, +10° to +130° and -10° to +130° relative to the ray axis 
  • Angular coupling: independent of the sample holder or with a ratio of 2:1
  • Measurement accuracy of Bragg's angle: 5 arc minutes
  • Timer: 0 to 55 minutes, continuously adjustable
  • Power consumption: 100VA
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