Spare Tube for X-Ray Apparatus
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Spare Tube for X-Ray Apparatus

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  • Tube with Cu anode
  • Spare part for the X-Ray Apparatus
  • Useful if breakage or wear of original tube occurs
  • Apparatus aids a number of experiments
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The X-Ray Apparatus consists of an experiment chamber contained in a closed, radiation-proof housing with a transparent synthetic glass shield. It makes a great addition to any lab, allowing the user to conduct various experiments, including those involving fluorescent radiation and Bragg's reflection. 

The Spare Tube for X-Ray Apparatus is a replacement part for your existing device. The spare tube with Cu anode is useful if you regularly use your X-Ray Apparatus, for instance in a large laboratory, and require a spare part in case of breakage or wear.


The X-Ray Apparatus can be used to support the following experiment topics:

  • Properties of X-rays: transmission, linear propagation, ionisation, X-ray photography
  • Fluorescent radiation
  • Shielding of X-rays
  • Absorption experiments
  • Distance law
  • Dosimetry and radiation protection
  • Diffraction of X-rays: Laue's recordings, Debye-Scherrer's recordings, Bragg's reflection, Duane-Hunt's displacement law (h-determination)
  • Moseley's law


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