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Microwave Set
 Microwave SetMicrowave Set 

Microwave Set

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  • Equipment set for conducting wave optics experiments 
  • Involving wavelengths in the cm range
  • Includes control unit, transmitter and receiver
  • Can be used within a number of experiment topics
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Microwave Set

Equipment set for conducting wave optics experiments involving wavelengths in the cm range.

The Microwave Set includes a control unit, transmitter and receiver with antennae, to allow the user to explore a number of experiment topics. These include straight-line propagation of microwaves and reflection, absorption and transmission.

How Does the Microwave Set Work?

A transmitter with a horn antenna radiates a narrow beam of linearly polarised electromagnetic waves, with a wavelength of about 3cm. The direction of polarisation can be altered by rotating the antenna around the axis of propagation.

To detect the waves, a horn antenna receiver and a microwave sensor are provided. A control unit converts the intensity of the signal received into a proportionally large output voltage, which can be measured using a voltmeter.

It is also possible to switch on an acoustic signal with a volume that is proportional to the intensity of the signal.

Contents of the Microwave Set

  • 1 x control unit
  • 1 x transmitter with horn antenna
  • 1 x receiver with horn antenna
  • 1 x microwave probe
  • 1 x microwave bench, 800mm
  • 1 x microwave bench, 400mm with plate holder
  • 1 x reflection plate 180 x 180mm²
  • 1 x polarisation grating, 180 x 180mm²
  • 1 x absorption plate, fibreboard, 180 x 180mm²
  • 1 x paraffin prism
  • 1 x stand for prism
  • 1 x plate with double slit
  • 1 x 1 cover plate for double slit

Compatible Equipment

The following is recommended for use with the Microwave Set:

Experiment Topics

The Microwave Set can aid the following experiment topics:

  • Straight-line propagation of microwaves
  • Reflection, absorption and transmission
  • Shielding from microwaves
  • Experiments on polarisation
  • Experiments on diffraction
  • Experiments on refraction and interference
  • Transmission of information

Technical Specification

  • Power of transmitter: 10 – 25mW
  • Internal modulator frequency: approx. 3kHz
  • Acoustic signal: switchable 
  • External modulation: 100Hz - 20kHz, 1V max.
  • Output voltage: 10V max.
  • Receiver with horn antenna: silicon diode with resonator
  • Microwave sensor: silicon diode with resonator
  • Dimensions of basic apparatus: approx. 170 x 200 x 75mm³ 

Delivery Information

The Microwave Set is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

If you would like up to the minute delivery and tracking information for your order, please contact the Lab World Customer Care Team by telephone on 020 7501 1105 or by email using the form below. We look forward to helping you with your enquiry.


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