Optics Kit for Whiteboard
Optics Kit for WhiteboardOptics Kit for WhiteboardOptics Kit for Whiteboard
Optics Kit for WhiteboardOptics Kit for WhiteboardOptics Kit for Whiteboard
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Optics Kit for Whiteboard

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  • Optics kit for use with whiteboard
  • 2 x mirrors
  • 5 x transparent bodies
  • 3 x shadow casting bodies
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Optics Kit for Whiteboard

The Optics Kit for Whiteboard is a set of optical components for use in conjunction with a single-beam lamp or multiple-beam lamp on a white board. All components are lined with magnetic foil or furnished with a magnet holder and can be easily mounted and aligned on the white board. This apparatus permits a wide range of experiments demonstrating ray optics without the need for a dark room; handwritten notes can be added to provide a clearer explanation.

Experiment topics

  • Laws of reflection
  • Laws of refraction
  • Total reflection
  • Minimum deflection angle for a prism
  • Focal determination of mirrors and lenses
  • Laws of lenses and image errors
  • Shadow-casting

Kit Contents

Article No. Designation Dimensions Material
P1002984 Plane Mirror 200 x 35 x3 5mm³ Plastic
P1002985 Convex-Concave Mirror, f = ±100mm  200 x 35 x 35mm³ Plastic
Transparent Objects:
P1002986 Piano-Concave Lens, f = -400mm 200 x 40 x 35mm³ Acrylic Glass
P1002987 Piano-Convex Lens, f = +400mm 200 x 40 x 35mm³ Acrylic Glass
P1002988 Plane-Parallel Plate 200 x 100 x 35mm³ Acrylic Glass
P1002989 Semi-circular Body, f = +200mm diam. 200 x 35mm²    Acrylic Glass
P10029990 Right-angled Prism 200 x 200 x 35mm³ Acrylic Glass
Shadow-Casting Bodies:
P1002992 Cuboid 100 x 20 x 35mm³ Plastic
Cylinder diam. 5 x 35mm² Plastic
Cylinder diam. 60 x 35mm² Plastic

Required Equipment

  • P1002591 Whiteboard 600 x 900mm²


  • P1002592 Whiteboard 900 x 1200mm²
  • P1000682 Single-ray Projector
  • P1003323 Magnetic Holder for Single-Ray Projector


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